Sunday, October 4, 2015

Matrilineal Monday - My Mother on her Honeymoon in Paris, 1978

My parents first went to Rome, then Paris and then made their last stop in London. 

They were married September 16th, and the next day, boarded a plane to Europe. A first time for them both. 

I will be going to Europe next May, 2016 for my first time! Looking at these pictures makes me even more excited to go!

Look-A-Likes - Magdalina Herr Pudwill and Martha Herr Werre

Recently, a cousin of mine (who I am so thankful to have connected with), sent me a photo of my 2x Great Grandfather's siblings (except he happened to not get in the photo!)

The photo is great - it's of all of his siblings seated together in one row and then the others are standing behind the seated ones. They all have the typical stern faces you'd see in photos from that era, but some had little smirks on their faces, too.

This picture was likely taken around 1905-1906.

One of the siblings is my great, great grandfather's sister, named Magdalina Herr Pudwill. She was born in 1886, however, lived to be only 21 years old, and passed away in childbirth in 1907. I am not sure if that child survived, but it's very sad that she did not live longer.

Magdalina's brother, Jacob (my great, great grandfather), had a daughter named Martha Herr in 1898. She is the one pictured on the right, circa 1904, at age 6.

When I saw Magdalina's photo, I instantly thought she resembled Martha, her niece.

I decided to put their photos side by side, and although there are differences, they look like they are definitely related.