Maternal Side

My maternal grandfather comes from an all Irish background (with possibly a dash of English) that immigrated to first Boston, then San Francisco, CA.

My maternal grandmother's side is mostly German, French and Eastern European, with strong roots belonging to the Black Sea Germans colony that immigrated to America and settled in North Dakota.

My Maternal Grandfather's surnames

- Connors
- Sexton
- Burke
- O'Meara (or O'Mara)

My Maternal Grandmother's surnames:

- Roehm (Northern German, possible early Roman Empire name)
- Herr (German/French)
- Stegemann (German)
- Orth (German)
- Delger (German)
- Raap (German)
- Horeis (German)
- Hasselbach (German)
- Krien (German)
- Schlarb
- Jung
- Majer
- Jung
- Unrath
- Petri
- Becker (Alsace-Lorraine, France)
- Helck
- Gallman
- Hermann
- Naas
- Wick
- Pauli (French)
- Arnold (French)
- Hagele
- Gohring
- Zimmermann (Hungarian)
- Zwinger (Hungarian)
- Schoene or Schone
- Blankenbuhler or Blankenbuchler or Blankenbaker (Austrian - p/o Germanna Colony in Virginia)
- Plankenbuhler (Austrian)
- Thomas (or Tommas) (German)

Paternal Side -

My Paternal grandfather's side is a real mix. But, there is mostly Irish, English and some Native American scattered in. They all have deep roots in American history, some being some of the earliest settlers.

My Paternal grandmother's side is also a large mix, however there are some very interesting areas to explore, as there is plenty of English and Irish, but there are also Pilgrim ties and possible ties to America's First President, George Washington (this is still being researched and confirmed, as some records are not quite matching).

My Paternal Grandfather's side - 

- Loftin (Loughton; Laughton)
- Thomas
- Perry
- Warwick
- Parker
- Cox
- Kent
- Webster
- Powell
- McDaniel
- Hannsler
- Russell
- Pemberton
- Rainwater
- McCall
- Mitchell
- McCarter
- Gilliam
- Fussell
- Weaver
- Bray
- Childress
- Patterson
- Biddle
- Hill
- Clayton
- Chase

My Paternal Grandmother's Side -

- Chilton
- Anderson
- McMains
- Elkins
- Hayes
- Jolly
- Renfro
- Mitchell
- Glass
- Rennels
- Strader
- Beavers
- Connely
- Bland
- Tuell
- Stewart
- Fitzgerald
- Easter
- White
- Klapp
- Potter
- McLain
- Stauffer
- Cartwright
- White
- Altizer
- Althauser
- Laucks
- Bauer
- Wolf
- Arndges
- Pitzer
- Garven
- Taylor
- Riggins
- Washington (*possible connection to Mary Washington, mother of George Washington)
- Bushrod
- Ball
- Pope
- Fox
- Reade
- Warner
- Doodes
- Montague
- Matthew
- Corbin
- Lane
- Haithcock

Surnames - Other

There are also some additional surnames that I am researching at the moment.

A remarkable story came out of me finding long lost cousins in New York because my blog came up in a search engine with the name that they were researching. It has since brought both sides of our families to forge a bond and able to research together and share info through our family trees. It's been a true success story and it goes to show that blogs can be an extremely valuable tool, if you're as lucky as we were!

Here are some other various surnames I am searching that has often times give me lots of road blocks, but if you happen to have the same connection to me, please contact me as I'd love to hear any info you have, share some pictures or make some kind of connection!

- Lange (German family in New York, based in Flatbush, Brooklyn in the late 1890's through the mid-1900's)
- Marris (English family based in Louth, Lincolnshire, England - some family members moved to Canada in the 1880's - 1890's - one son moved to New York in the late 1910's after WWI, and married into the Lange family)
- McCabe - Irish family based in Komoka, Ontario, Canada - Married into Marris family.