About Me


My name is Kristen Loftin. Genealogy has been a long-held interest of mine ever since my brother had to make a family tree book and a family tree totem pole in the 4th grade. It fascinated me to look at the very old photos of my great grandparents and beyond. I would look through the book constantly and always wonder, "What lies beyond these family lines? Who were these people?"

Over the years, I'd try to ask questions about our families. I'd receive a little information here and a little information there from various family members who seemed to also hold some interest in preserving our family legacies. However, for the most part, many family members had little to no interest in what really truly happened within our family histories.

Recently, though, I have made more contact with family to get more compilations of info rather than just asking for facts. In the meantime, I have spent many wonderful hours with family that has led to long-lasting and rewarding memories that I will cherish for many, many years.

Since that time, many years ago, my love for genealogy, science and history - and also a love for the written word (although I am no English major!) - all combined -  have helped me. I have had increasing success finding records online, ordering records from local and non-local sources, going to libraries, genealogy seminars and more. With all of that foot work, it's enabled me to find better, easier ways to organize; help make-sense of, and most importantly, find the most accurate information. I feel I can leave behind a legacy of our family history that can hopefully be carried on by our future generations.

This blog/website is here to possibly help find missing ties, make connections and hopefully inspire those who also want to research their family history and have FUN at the same time!

Please enjoy!


Protection of Material
* Please note that while I am being very generous with displaying family photos for you to view on my blog; I please ask that you kindly contact me before taking any of the records and photos shown on here. These photos are almost 100% from our family photo albums that go back over 100 years. I photograph them with my camera and edit them in Adobe Photoshop. These photos have taken me hours and hours to archive. Please be courteous and ask before taking anything from this site.