Wednesday, March 4, 2015

DNA Testing - AncestryDNA

Well, I took the plunge - I decided to go for the AncestryDNA testing. When ordering, I looked up coupons for it, because as you're about to pay for it, it gives you an option to enter a coupon code. So, naturally I went searching online for a code. I was able to find a code that gave me free shipping - that saved me ten extra dollars! Not bad!

I ordered it on February 24th and received the package fairly promptly on March 2nd. It was supposed to come by UPS, however, UPS sent it to USPS to have delivered when they came by and I wasn't home. USPS put the package in my mailbox the next day. Whew... I side-stepped a trip to the post office!

You are sent a small box with instructions and two other small boxes. One box contains the testing tub and blue active ingredient top. The other box is for when you mail it out. It also comes with a biohazard bag.

First, you must register your DNA test on If you already have a tree set up on there, it's very easy to do. Since I already had a tree, I just followed the instructions on their DNA page. You will have to use the code they have on your tube - however the code is listed on various parts of your package, so there's no way of missing it.

You must test at least 30 minutes after any digestion of food or something similar. So, I knew the best time for this was when I got to work, because for one 1) I usually have breakfast at work and 2) It generally takes me a half hour to even get to work, so even tooth paste slime would be washed down by then. (Isn't this just painting a nice picture for you all!!)

Now, the funny part, I decide to just spit my spit into the tube with hopefully no one looking. Today was perfect because I was pretty much by myself in my little corner (some people were out today), so I did it very quickly.

You must make sure you fill it up to the black line, but it must be all saliva and not bubbles reaching the black line. I realized I had too much saliva in there, so I had to dump some out - ugh, kinda gross - part of me feels bad for those who have to look at all of these people's spit up slime that's been in the mail for a few days! Mmmm, appetizing!

Once I got my residual spit out and up to the right measurement, I retrieved the cap with the blue activating fluid. I twisted the funnel tube off and put the blue cap on (not blue in color, but blue with the fluid). You have to twist it fairly hard to get the blue fluid out and mixed in with your saliva. Once it happened, I tightened it and shook lightly for 5 seconds.

I put the tube in the biohazard bag and put inside the box provided to mail off.

And, that was it. It only took no less than 5 minutes. Now, the anticipation of the results. If all goes as planned, I should get results by the end of this month or the first week of April.

As soon as I do, I will make sure to give an update on the findings.