Monday, December 30, 2013

A Christmas Wedding - 1914 - The union between George Roehm and Lydia Herr

I can't help but think of the beautiful costumes featured in the show, "Downton Abbey" and not help but imagine what my great grandparents wedding must have felt like, which happened on Christmas Day, 1914. Downton Abbey's costumes during the time that Lady Mary Crawley and Matthew Crawley fell in love and married later on.

I have only heard bits and pieces from my Grandmother, who said it was a large event with many guests. She said it lasted for several days.

Here is a photo of them on their wedding day. My great grandfather was much taller than my great grandmother, so she was actually standing on a wooden crate to make it look less dramatic of a difference. I believe he stood between 6'1'' or 6'2''. She only stood 4'11''. Notice the detail in her dress, the clasped metal wrapping around her upper arm; the wreath around her veil - all trademark designs from wedding dresses during that time. She was known to be a great seamstress and very likely made this wedding dress herself. Her father owned a large mercantile store in town and so she may have had access to all the newest fabrics. I can just picture her laboring over her beautiful wedding day gown.

They were both very young here. She was just shy of turning 19 (she'd be 19 on March 20th 1915), and George had just turned 22 (born October 16th 1893). However, it was young love that brought them together. Their union lasted until George's death in 1948; a 33 year marriage that brought them 7 children and many more grandchildren and great grandchildren and now, great great grandchildren. 

See examples below of similar fashion styles from 1914 for wedding gowns: 

Note: Also on her wedding day, Lydia received this lovely clock from her father that is still in our family. It will be 100 years old this next Christmas 1914. I spotted a similar one at Disneyland, of all places, inside their Penny Arcade.