Monday, December 30, 2013

A Feeling So Familiar....

There is something with family that feels so familiar. The photos you look at of your family bring warmth to your soul; they nourish your being; and sometimes you even touch them with feelings of fondness.

I love looking at other people's photos and often immerse myself into their family life, as well. But, looking at my own family photos puts me back at home - a place I can always go back to, lets say, when I am much, much older and be able to reminisce about.

It's that feeling of familiarity that keeps our family photos so near and dear to our hearts. And, it's not just the photos - other relics such as china ware, jewelry, clothing, personal belongings of those who've come and gone before us; which are items we hold very close to our hearts.

These are by far material items, but they have memories attached to them. Unlike inherited money, these are the items that shaped us throughout our youth and even into our adulthood.

Some items that my Grandma has, such as her lovely red velvet drapery in her bedroom may look old and dated to others; but to me, this is how it's been ever since I was a child - something that remains unchanged. In that sense, it's something I like returning to because it brings a feeling back from my childhood - a time in my life that is slipping away further and further into that black hole of infinity - a minute space in time compared to the billion year history of our mighty large universe - but a time in my life that will always remain whimsical and full of special moments - something that time can't take away.

Hold on to these moments; they will mean ever so much more when you are awake one night, longing for something that feels familiar; something that brings you back home again.