Friday, July 11, 2014

Growing Up Photos

When I was growing up, I lived on a street where there were many kids around my age. It was a great time to be growing up. I feel so blessed we had such great neighbors and fun times to remember.

Even though the 1980's were roughly 30 years ago, I feel like they are starting to gain a "classic" status and in a sense, I am starting to a feel a little old when I see photos from back then. I have to take a step back and realize, "Wow, where did the time go?"

Here are a few photos of me growing up:

There are just SO many here! Here I am eating green frosting that my Aunt made, but it was the wrong color, so instead of throwing it away, I said, "I'll eat it!!" What kid would let a perfectly good tasting frosting go to waste?

I was maybe a few months old in this picture. 

This was my 1st Birthday in 1983.

I loved my Graham Crackers! This was around 1984. My brother was holding a bottle of 7-Up.

 My brother and I having fun in the kiddie pool, around 1986-87 (basing the year by my brother's swim shorts, lol)

Wearing one of my favorite roller skating outfits - this one was real popular back then. Not sure why!!

My aunt Judy and her daughter, Melissa and me. Melissa and I were only 9 months apart, so we were constantly seen together - palling around! I looked a little hyped up on sugar here!

My cousins Jesse (age 13), Tiffany (age 12) and Noelle (age 14)- we were all so close growing up - we may be further apart now - but we will never forget the time we spent together - this was in 1992.

Me at Mother's Day brunch, around 1990. I was nearly 8 years old (my birthday is May 21st)

My cousin Melissa and I at my Grandma's ranch, around 1986. 

More of my cousin Melissa and I. I clearly look like I ate a Popsicle! 

My Grandma and I at Mother's Day brunch, 1990.

My Grandma and I at Mother's Day brunch, 1990.

My Cousin Melissa at Mother's Day brunch, 1990. Melissa was 7 here.

Me and Melissa at Easter brunch, circa 1992. I was ten, going through a chubby stage and Melissa was 9.

My oldest cousin, Sam (age 19), and his brother, David (age 17), at Easter Brunch, 1992.

Noelle and her sister, Melissa on the ranch, around 1986. Noelle was 9 here and Melissa was 3.

My cousin Sam and our Uncle Terry (father of Noelle, Jesse and Melissa), at my Aunt Diane's house (mother of Sam and David), circa 1989/90.

My Dad with my brother and I at my Aunt Diane's house, circa 1989/90.

My brother, Scott (bottom middle); cousin, Tiffany (bottom right) and myself (standing right alligator) were all in competitive roller skating. Skating the Gold Skate was a big deal! It was like the Olympics for Roller Skating and a huge 3-4 day event. This was in Bakersfield, CA.

This is me on a swing. This  Smurf themed swing set really was well loved, as you can tell. We finally had it removed, in which we had our yard completely re-landscaped the same year this photo was taken, 1991.

Me swimming with a little help from my arm floaters. I was 8 years old in 1990. I remember my Dad taking this photo. I was in the deep end of our pool. I used to think sharks were over here and would scurry away thinking they were after me. I LOVED to swim. I still do.

And, finally, a pre-teen version of me - where awkwardness was beginning to set in. This was my 12th birthday in May of 1994. This was my last birthday in my childhood home. We'd move to a bigger home on December 1st.