Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Travel Tuesday - Summertime Family Fun - California - Style

It's that time of year - going on road trips, having fun at amusement parks, or just venturing out to a nearby outdoor attraction.

A lot of my family goes back a few generations as native Californians. My mom's fathers side were native San Franciscan's (byway of coming from Boston and prior to that, Ireland and England) and my mom's father grew up in and around the Berkeley area.

My mom's mother, however, was not a native Californian, but she took to the California lifestyle pretty well (even though my Grandma still has a strong Minnesota-nice accent).

On my Father's side, my Dad is also a first generation native Californian, as his father was born in Oklahoma and his mother was born in Texas, but she moved to California at a very young age. My Grandpa came to Los Angeles and grew up on the Southern California coast in the 1930's and 1940's.

So, here are a few past (and more recent photos) of my family spending their Summer-time:

Disneyland, June 1971 - My mom with one of the Disney characters

My Grandma and mom on the now defunct Skyway ride ad Disneyland.

My mom, her brother and Grandpa at the front entrance at Disneyland.

 My Uncle, my mom and Grandma at the front entrance at Disneyland.

Eating somewhere near the Matterhorn (rails for the Monorail can be seen in the background, as well)

My cousins Tiffany, Paul and Sam at what appears to be Disneyland, sometime in 1988/1989.

My Dad caught a fish at Lake Shasta (my cousins Michael and Matthew are behind him). This was on a houseboat we rented and were on it for at least two weeks. It felt like forever and I couldn't wait to get off of it by the time we left. This was around 1988.

My brother and I on a big telephone at Universal Studios - Hollywood, around 1989.

My Grandma took some out of town family members to Fisherman's Wharf in San Francisco - however, this photo actually shows all family who lived in California at the time. My Grandma's sister-in-law Lenora, Izetta (back right) and their mother, Lydia (front right). This was the day after my mom and dad's wedding, September 19th 1978.

More Disneyland photos from 1971 - my mom's cousin Cynthia and my mom next to Pooh Bear.

Lydia, Annette (my grandma) and Izetta getting a hug from Tigger. This is near the main entrance of the park, just as you've entered in onto Main Street.

Great Uncle Ross and my Grandpa Vibert with Pluto.

Aunt Penny, Lydia, Izetta, Carole (my mom), Eeyore - the donkey, Cynthia, Terry and Annette

Carole and Annette, styling on what looks like a Southwest Airlines jet. They took a short flight to L.A. to go to my aunt Diane's wedding, circa June 1971.