Sunday, February 22, 2015

Military Monday - Great Uncle Alwin

My great Uncle Alwin served in World War II from the beginning of the war until he was injured and sent home to recover at Letterman Hospital in San Francisco's Presidio (I believe this may have been in 1944). Some of these below photos are hard to tell where he was exactly. I believe he served mainly in Europe. My grandmother said he was considered a sniper and won an award for bravery, killing the enemy before they got to one of our people. 

I never knew Uncle Al, even though he was alive until I turned 4 years old (he passed on in 1986). He was the closest in age to my Grandmother, as they were only about 5 years apart. She speaks of him fondly whenever he is brought up. 

Let's honor his service, bravery and sacrifice for keeping Americans safe during war time.