Thursday, February 5, 2015

Those Places Thursday - My Childhood Home

I grew up in a very family friendly neighborhood throughout the 1980's and early 1990's. There were many kids on our block that were close to my brother and I's ages. Looking back, it was an idyllic time. We didn't have iPods, computers, cell phones, Playstations/X-boxes, Netflix streaming and instant TV (well, we had Pay-Per-View - but that was a rare treat as it was quite expensive!)

What we did have was a lot of fun with the neighborhood kids (and our cousins!) - lemonade stands, baseball, basketball, bike rides, swimming parties, games on Saturday mornings, fort building, camping out in the backyard, Saturday morning cartoons (stuff like Looney Tunes, Richie Rich, Pee Wee Herman, Fraggle Rock, etc.). I loved watching Johnny Carson late at night. And, then tune in on Friday's for Friday Night Videos then later TGIF- then Saturday's we had "227" and Saturday Night Live, followed with Showtime at the Apollo.

The neighborhood is only about 20 miles from where I live now and every once in awhile, we will drive by to see how our old house looks. It brings so many memories with each drive. I still envision our tall palm tree in our yard and then the day we had it torn down. I remember our yard being redone in the front. I recall the juniper shrubs that used to line our front window and when my brother and I would play catch in our yard, the ball would get stuck in those shrubs and they used to scratch up my hands and arms when I'd try to get the ball and then I'd start to itch.

The inside of the house I remember clearly - mostly colors were still indicative of the '70s, but was done in good taste. Our front entrance was tiled and we had veined mirrors in our entrance and our family room. We even had the cork pattern with mirrors - yeah, it was very 1970's, if I think about it! We had plush semi-shag carpet, but it was very nice - it didn't look cheap.

We had a lovely backyard with a pool which my dad and some of my uncles helped him install - an in-ground Dough boy pool in 1983, when I was one. This pool meant a lot to me! I think close to this time, we got a Smurf swing set. I loved that swing set. We really used it like crazy, and it was in shambles by the time we had our back yard redone in 1991 and had it removed - that was a sad day for me :(

This childhood home held many wonderful memories. It's been over 20 years now since we left it, but I have never forgotten those early formed memories that I still hold onto close to my heart.

Me in our backyard, on my brother's 10th birthday, 1989.

My 6th birthday at home with neighborhood and school friends, May 1988.

My Aunt on our couch (notice the cork and mirrored design - yikes!), circa 1992.

Me on Christmas Day, 1985, I was 3 1/2 years old.

In our wallpapered bathroom, I was about 7, circa 1989.

Selling Kool Aid and Balloons at a garage sale, circa 1986-87 - Melissa, Me and my brother

My brother and I, already taking control of the TV at age 1 1/2, circa 1983. 

My brother and I eating McDonald's chicken nuggets on our TV tray, circa 1986

Me playing in my kiddie pool, circa 1983-84.

Me posting after coming home from school (wearing my uniform), circa 1989.

Me pretending to vacuum our plush "shag" carpet, circa 1989

 My cousin Melissa and I in my kiddie pool, circa 1987

Our house just within months of it being purchased, circa 1979.