Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Irish Men are Considered the Sexiest in the World

In a recent poll by MissTravels, they have claimed that Irish men are #1 in the best looking department. To be honest, I find all men handsome from no matter where they are from. I really don't have a big preference of nationality, however, there are certain looks that I find attractive in each person of each race. I guess I just have a gold standard in my head.

This kind of survey piqued my curiosity on what some of us find attractive in the opposite sex (or same sex, however you look at it). Some of my friends find certain men attractive that I find mildly attractive.

However, one pattern I noticed recently is how much I have in common with who my mom and Grandma find attractive. My Grandma has always thought Andy Williams, Glen Campbell, Tyrone Power and several others very attractive. My mother also has loved these men very much, especially Andy Williams, whom she saw in concert when she was younger.

And then there is me. I also find these men attractive. Even my Grandma has always said how handsome her own father was. My mother and I also thought he was a handsome man. However, he was 100% German (maybe a bit Dutch, too, but I haven't confirmed that yet. ) Unfortunately, German men did not make the list, even though one very highly attractive Irish-German, Michael Fassbender, is half German/half Irish should give the German's some credit.

I am often wondering if certain genetic traits cause us to be attracted to someone of similar height, weight, facial features, etc as our ancestors found attractive many generations ago. What is the cause for us to feel an attraction to a certain person's looks that others may not find attractive? This seems like an age old question which I am sure their are multiple reasons behind it.

Another fascinating (and more far out) thought is maybe we could be attracted to some people based on a previous life we lived. Maybe we crossed paths but never cemented our love. Maybe one of us died too early. Or maybe it was ill-fated and was not meant to last in that particular lifetime. I often have felt meeting certain people, like a soul mate, can often feel preordained. - as if you have met in a previous lifetime and something about them feels very familiar, but you cannot pin point it. These far out reasons could also predetermine who we find attractive and who we do not, as well.

What are your thoughts on certain nationalities being more attractive than others? Should there really a debate about it?

I say, we love who we love. Looks and attractiveness are never going to equate how you get along on a personal level. If they have the full package, then you are very lucky, indeed, but love is love and looks will fade over time, so love someone for what they can offer, and not the superficial aspects of who they are.