Friday, July 24, 2015

National Cousin's Day

Today is National Cousin's Day, and just reading about this gives me a lot of warm and fuzzy feelings of some of the best times in my life. Most of those times were spent with my cousins. I am so fortunate to have cousins who I am not afraid to call my best friends. We are all very lucky to love one another very much.

In honor of celebrating cousins, here's some pictures of me with my cousins and also several generations past of cousins:

Cousins - Alice Roehm and Annette Roehm - 1944-45, Richmond, CA

Cousins - Donald Babitzke and Annette Roehm, circa 1974

Cousins - Babitzke daughters with Annette, and Annette's nieces and nephews, circa 1941

Cousins - Krissy and Jesse, circa 1994

Cousins - Krissy and Melissa, circa 1988

Cousins - Krissy and Melissa - Circa 1990

Cousins - Tiffany and Krissy, 1988

Cousins - Melissa, Jesse, Krissy and David, circa 1990

Cousins - Noelle and Tiffany, circa 1987

Cousins - David and Scott, circa 1981

Cousins - Scott and Jesse, circa 1988

Cousins - Scott and Tiffany, circa 1981

Cousins - Yvonne and Louise Babitzke with Annette Roehm in the middle, on the Babitzke farm, circa 1940-41