Monday, January 26, 2015

Creatively Speaking

The other day, I had an idea to photograph some family photos in a collage style setting with some scrap booking materials that I own (but never seem to use!) I love these papers, but never get to show them off. I buy them, collect them and then they just get put away. I guess I just have a thing for collecting pretty things that cross my path (hmmmm, I wonder where I get that from??)

Well, to answer that question - I know I get it from both of my Grandma's. My Dad's mother, I recently learned, loved to peruse second hand stores and bring home things that caught her fancy. I had a feeling she had a good eye for a good find. I know my fine taste has to come from somewhere. But, my mom's mother is also a great collector and has a keen eye for things that are of great value. Her house is like walking into a museum. She has beautiful things all around in which she's inherited. I can spend hours there and never tire of all of the fun things to look at.

So, I think this creative spark has been passed down the generations. My mother was very craftsy with us kids. We'd work together on school projects together, making all kinds of fun creative things. My mom would also make some really well decorated birthday and holiday cakes (one year she made the Statue of Liberty out of a patina colored icing - another year she drew a large Mickey Mouse on a cake)

My cousins and I are carrying this creativity gene with us to a new generation of artistic lovers and creators. Many of us love to write, photograph (3 out of the 4 grand daughters own DSLR cameras), paint and draw (that's me!), design, and so much more. Even some of the guys have it, too - David was in an a cappella group in college, was a great juggler and a Renaissance fair swordsman - and he plays the guitar. My other cousin, Sam, has taken his creativity into the world famous Northern California Wine industry and has his own winery in the Dry Creek/Healdsburg area.

My other male cousin, Jesse, is a great videographer and video editor for his evangelism endeavors. He also loves to sing!

This is just on my mother's side!! My cousin's on my father's side are also creative. One does deep sea scuba diving and photographs his findings and he also is a creative photographer on land, too. My cousin Stephanie has a great knack for drawing, painting and especially textiles and creating really neat items with fabric. I feel grateful to be the recipient of a few of her hand-made items.

Anyhow, enjoy the following creative photos - I enjoyed making them and will make some more!