Thursday, January 29, 2015

Treasure Chest Thursday

I recently came across a little box that was rather discreet. However, it held inside a very nice treasure that I was not expecting to find!

Inside was an engraved watch. This watch, from further examination, had my great grandmother's name engraved on the back. It read "Lydia Roehm." There was a little note inside the box that exclaimed it was given by her father on her wedding, on Christmas day, 1914.

I didn't have my camera on me that day to take photos of it, but part of me was jumping inside with glee to have come across such a delicate and personal piece of family history. When I came over the following weekend, with my camera in tow, I took the camera out and captured it.

On further examination, you could tell this watch was well loved. It has little nicks here and there, some discoloration inside the mechanics, and some of the gold plate looks to be folding away. The watch was made by Elgen National Watch Company, which was a very popular, 100 year old company when it closed it's doors in 1968.

Lydia received quite a few nice gifts from her father on her wedding day - a mantle clock, an engraved wrist watch, a dining set - all, I presume, were items he purchased from the family mercantile store that he owned with his brothers (and took over after his father's death in 1916). I think Lydia was very well loved as a daughter. She was a hard worker, earned her keep, was well respected as a friend and confidant, and for all of those reasons, I think is why her father returned the favor to his first born daughter on her wedding day; granting her many wedding treasures.