Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Travel Tuesday - Check Out Grandma's New Ride

               After Bill Murphy, my great grandma Lydia's second husband, passed away in 1973, she and my Grandma Annette started traveling across the country, visiting family members through many different states. My Grandma was in her early 40's and Lydia was in her mid-70's, but they were having the best time together, traveling everywhere, collecting mementos along the way, while traveling in their new cars (Lydia would say instead of going in a car that may break down, they'd trade their car in for a new one for each new trip and Annette would carry her shot gun in the back of the car - you didn't want to mess with these two ladies! Thelma and Louise were on the loose!).

Lydia would often refer back to this time as some of the best times in her life, even though when most of their travel halted in the early 1980's, Lydia still had a zest for life.

Some of the photos don't show all of the places they went to, but they also went as far as New York City and Hawaii. Lydia was well into her '80s by the time they slowed down their traveling, but wow, she was quite the go-getter. People only had good things to say about her. She lived a life of staying out of people's business, as her motto used to be, "MYOB" Mind your own business.

In a few months, I will devote some time on her life, as without Lydia in our lives, our family would be very different.

Here are some photos of the cars they drove and some places they visited on their travels.

Lydia (age 79) at the ranch, ready to take off in their new 1975 Oldsmobile Regency

Visiting friends up in Farmington, WA, circa 1981

Annette at Teddy Roosevelt Park, South Dakota, circa 1977-78

Visiting Annette's cousin Jeannette Werre Hellund, in Minnesota, circa 1970's

At a casino in Las Vegas, NV, circa 1976-77

Annette and Lydia at Annette's home, circa 1975-76, a break between their travels.

Lydia with Annette's son, visiting in Virginia, circa 1972-1973

Lydia at a possible grave marker, circa mid-1970s, Illinois

Annette's son, Terry (age 21-22) in Virginia, circa 1972-73

Lydia visiting her first husband's sister, Ida Roehm, in Wyoming, 1981.

Lydia (age 85) has the Texas Blue Bonnet in her hands, making a stop while driving through Texas, circa 1981.

Lydia and Annette, with Annette's grandchildren, Virginia Beach, VA, circa 1981

Lydia (age 85), Terry (Annette's son - age 30) and Annette, (age 52) circa 1981, Virginia Beach, VA.

Lydia (age 78) and Annette (age 45) with Lydia's niece's children (Annette's 2nd cousins), in Severna Park, Maryland, circa 1974

Lydia (age 81) & her daughters Izetta (age 59) and Annette (age 48) in Hawaii, 1977